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Our company to stick to high quality of machine models. The strict control of quality derives from the performance requirements of customers for machinery design.

Super Polish Machine Co., Ltd

Taiwan Super Polish Machine Co., Ltd, founded in1980, adopts superfine polishing technology from France and specializes in design and manufacturing of surface sanding machine and polishing machine for such metals as iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel and magnesium alloy, etc. Our company devotes itself to research and development of special molding abilities. It boasts wide applicable scope of products, and helps promotion of polishing technology inTaiwan, uniform quality, stable output and reduction in labor cost for users, so as to help users obtain more orders. Our company owns sound fame in the field and is thought well of among users.

Since the foundation, our company stick to the research & innovation ideal of “quality first”, and is widely accepted by all fields at home and abroad, which always utilize our device. Our sale points are distributed in over 28 countries and regions, such as South Asia, Europe,America,Japan,Australia, Middle East andSouth America, etc.




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